Upminster Junior School


We believe that by learning and working together we can achieve much more and our school motto extends to all members of our school and wider community...at Upminster Junior School we believe it is best when we learn and grow together.


We learn and grow together

All of our work and our learning is underpinned by five school values. These define the behaviours we strive to display every day so that we can fulfil our goals and ensure that, as a school, we provide the best conditions in which we can all learn and grow.

At Upminster Junior School:

  • we believe in ourselves (Self-belief)
  • we are trustworthy (Trust)
  • we are compassionate (Compassion)
  • we are creative (Creative)
  • we are resilient (Resilience)

To help us understand what each value means to Upminster Junior School we have listed below other behaviours and attitudes that we should display if we are to demonstrate each of our agreed values fully.

Upminster Junior School

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